Dewitt House

Miskatonic_Knocker_oldphoto.png A large foreboding green door guards the entrance to the Dewitt House, with a small star-shaped sign etched near it’s top. Perched beneath the symbol is a peculiar gargoyle door knocker which beckons entry to the curious.

NateSM.jpg On occasion, old Nate the groundskeeper can be seen attending to his chores. He is a very personable man, and always has some time to talk to Society members as they come and go. He is usually up to date on all the happenings in Arkham and at the University, and is no stranger to the latest gossip that goes around the town and University. Old Nate also seems to know half the people in Arkham and the surrounding area.

The Foyer


Mr. Makepeace, the Dewitt House butler greets all members as they come in, gathering hats and coats and making all feel at home. Grace_Barstowsm.jpg

He’ll direct new members to sit and read a selection books on a side table while they wait to talk to Grace Barstow, the house manager:

First Floor

  • Find other members to talk to, or read about their exploits in the Lounge.
  • The Hall of Honor is a place to honor members who have given all for the Society.
  • The Map Room has the Society’s collection of maps from previous expeditions and of the local area.
  • Enjoy the atmosphere while listening to tunes from the 1910s and 1920s in the Music Room.
  • The Study offers a place to look up resources outside the Miskatonic Society.

Upper Floor

  • The Case Files Room houses records of some of the previous adventures and missions undertaken at the Society’s behest.

Dewitt House

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