Many Society members enjoy unwinding in a comfortable place that has the amenities of home and more. Many members spend time in then lounge to talk about their findings or their experiences. Occasionally, a Society member or guest will do a presentation of their findings here, usually to a full house.

Nolansm.jpg This is also where to find Dr. Alfred Nolan. He usually has a small flock of Society members who follow him around, hoping to hear of his many exploits to the Sudan, Morocco or other places around the world. Being the out-going person he is, Nolan usually never fails to come up with a story. Dr. Nolan is open to any questions or conversation, if you can get the time with him that is. However, it is an unstated rule to never ask him about what happened in Iram with Dr. Derby.

The Miskatonic Society encourages members to keep journals of their exploits and share tales of their experiences. These writings are recorded in the Adventure Log and conversation can be had in the Lounge’s Forum.


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