Hall of Honor


The Miskatonic Society has an almost fifty year history, so it’s only natural that it has developed some traditions over time. One tradition is to honor its retired or deceased members by placing a portrait or picture in the Hall of Honor. The hallway is not brimming with portraits or photos yet, but there are a few notable faces on the walls.

Edmund Ward Fitzsimmons

Fitzsimmons.jpg Professor Fitzsimmons was one of the three founders of the Miskatonic Society, along with professors Mund and Derby. He was a noted geologist and avid birdwatcher. He envisioned the Society as being a collection of the brightest minds from the University, and would of doubtlessly disapproved of the direction that the Society has taken in the past few years. He retired from the University in 1891, and died in 1902.

Richard Augustine Mund

Mund.png Professor Mund felt out of place outside of a University setting, and the Dewitt House actually became his home. He was an avid etymologist, and several of his insect collections adorn the walls of the Dewitt House. He had an eye for color, and the collections are worth a small ransom. Mund died of a stroke in 1893.

Henry Caster Derby

Derby.jpg Of the three founders, Derby was the most open-minded about theories and possibilities unheard of. He was always looking for the next big discovery. After Fitzsimmons retired and Mund died, Derby became sole leader of the Society. On a trip to Iram, Arabia, he was witness to a gruesome suicide that left him mentally broken. He retired in 1909, and was institutionalized that same year. He is still at the Arkham Sanitarium.

Laban Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury.jpg Laban Shrewsbury became the defacto leader of the Miskatonic Society. A very charismatic fellow, he helped to push forward Professor Derby’s vision of what the Society could become – a repository of knowledge unaccepted by the mainstream academia. He went missing in 1915 after penning a mysterious manuscript and giving it to Professor Armitage to archive in the University Museum’s Vault.

Member Plaques

In memory to those who have died in search of the truth.

Hall of Honor

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