Campaign of the Month: July 2017

The Miskatonic Society

Letter to Ophelia

Recovered by Neville Welke

Recovered from the ROSE agents’ baggage aboard The Orient Express

Dearest and most loyal Ophelia,

By the time this missive reaches you, it is my hope that you will have secured the final urn. Be wary of the Americans as they have begun to act suspiciously around our agents recently. I fear that we have tipped our hat sooner than needed but good help is hard to come by as of late.

It is critical that you avoid any confrontational interactions with the archaeological team in Constantinople and take care to not give any credence to “gossip” about our organization. Above all do not make mention of my old expedition to Iram of Mesopotamia. Whilst most of our work there has been completed, I fear that some loose ends would prove helpful to those who wish to subvert our most sacred of missions.

Return with all haste and care,

Chancellor Neville Welke


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