The Miskatonic Society

Discoveries from Kent

Excerpt of a report summary for Professor Henry Armitage

The joint expedition to Iram of Mesopotamia in 1908 produced more than a clay tablet. Professor Neville Welke of Brichester University found something much more valuable, and earth shattering – a Sumerian mummy. It seemed to beckon to him as he dug in the clay, content with finding pot shards and bits of what was left of a settlement or a town. As he uncovered the heavy stone lid, he knew he was chosen to bring it out into the world. It was his child, and it needed his protection. He would reveal all to his colleagues when the time was right. His elevation to the presidency of the Royal Society of Enquiry would be assured.

Twelve years later and Professor Welke is head of the Royal Society of Enquiry or ROSE, and he is under the control of a 5000 year old mummy, Yaggit-lim. On the outside, ROSE has become a very respectable organization that many academics aspire to join. It has made the esoteric a serious topic of study. Inside, ROSE is rotting from the top down. It is being manipulated by Yaggit-lim to do his bidding, with Welke as a willing servant.

Welke intends to resurrect Yaggit-lim. He is using members of The ROSE to retrieve urns that contain Yaggit-lim’s organs and now his vital essence. These urns have been scattered around the globe by an ancient and long forgotten organization to prevent the terrible wrath of a resurrected mummy. Unfortunately, the stone tablet discovered by Welke contained a method for summoning Yaggit-lim without the urns. This method, however, has a weakness. If the urns are destroyed before the summoning is complete, Yaggit-lim will be weak and his time to walk the Earth again will be far shorter. To ensure that as many urns containing Yaggit-lim’s essence are protected as possible, Welke has instructed his agents to safe guard the urns in two secure locations.

  1. Chancellor Welke, the mummy’s corpse and the tablet have apparently arrived at Goatswood, England.
  2. A large cache of urns and treasures are secured in The Hellfire Caves.
  3. Amelia Belle has fled to Petra and taken one urn with her for safe keeping.


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