Campaign of the Month: July 2017

The Miskatonic Society

Case File : Through a Mirror, Darkly

Report by Doctor Filian Graves


Filian Graves .
Kitty Halloran,
Bill Preston,
Erich P. Weiss,
Father Bryan


Dr. Henry Armitage asks us to look into his missing friend Dr. Gerald Tomaine. Dr. Tomaine missed his meeting with Dr. Armitage. During this meeting he was to show Dr Armitage some Artifacts from his Egyptian Dig as well as some items procured from an antique shop. He suggests we speak with Tomaine’s wife Anna, Check out the University Library where Tomaine frequents, also the restaurant where they usually meet (The Iron Door).

The group splits up and agrees to meet up later at the Iron Door to compare notes. I, with Bill Preston and Father Bryan meet with Anna Tomaine. She is obviously worried about her husband especially since he started behaving oddly just before his disappearance. Just before his he went missing he started acting paranoid claiming he was being followed. He also was journaling quite extensively. We looked to his journal and other materials in his study. Three item of interest from his Egyptian dig as well as from the Antiquities shop “Anna’s Antiquities”: A statue, a Mirror, and a Vase. There was a crude drawing of the mirror in his journal and a receipt for the vase and statue in his study. In his journal he speaks of being followed (even unto his dreams….). His last sentence in the journal is cut off “I really got to get this …”. Anna mentions that her husband sometimes went to his boat “The Lighthouse” and really liked going to the Anna’s Antiquities in addition to going to the Iron Door restaurant.

At the* Iron Door* restaurant, we regroup. Dr. Tomaine was researching Ramses and Tutenkamen. Kitty Halloran mentions that Tomaine was about to donate some items to the Arkham University. We decide some of us would go to Anna’s Antiquities since Tomaine had a receipt for the place and since his wife mentioned his fondness for the place.

At Anna’s Antiquities, Bill Preston keeps the proprietor Isabella busy and surreptitiously questions her about here purchases and sales. While he is doing this I find an occult symbol carved into the wood on the wall (we later find this symbol means “Speaks to Evil Spirits”).

At the University, we find we are being followed and Bill Preston decided to approach the individual while the rest of us continue moving. When Bill does not return right away we investigate his disappearance. We find a card for Anna’s Antiquties on the ground. Then we find another card. We get to the curb only to see a car (which we correctly presume Bill is taken in) drive off. I get the license plate and we climb into our car to try to follow. Since the car is long gone all we had to go on is that the car seemed to be heading to the part of town where Anna’s Antiquities is located. Given the cards on the ground and the possible direction, we head to Anna’s Antiquities where we find the car that we saw earlier. Given the evidence of Bill’s abduction we break into the back of the shop to find a Cult performing some sort of occult ceremony. We forcefully demand to see Bill. They don’t seem to know how to respond and we are accosted by none other than Isabella and a bipedal monster of some kind. It is a bit much for Father Bryan and he leaves. The Monster injures me but I am able to break away. Erich bravely takes on the monster while Kitty and I look for Bill. Kitty and I find him dragging the missing Dr. Tomaine coming up from the basement. Things were pretty chaotic. Erich took out the monster but at nearly the price of his life. While Kitty and I take Erich and Dr. Tomaine to the hospital, Bill does clean up and arrests Isabella (who apparently is actually the Anna of Anna’s Antiquities- whose life is extended by some nefarious means).

On the way to the hospital we find that Tomaine has apparently lost touch with reality and repeats over and over:

Guides Travelers …Never Moves … Always Turning…Never Looks … Always Shining…Never Burns … Looks on Blue Fields with each of its turns.

We take this to possibly mean his boat called the lighthouse. The next day we went to the boat and that is when we found the missing mirror which had an occult symbol on the back. We later find this to mean “Hold In Evil Forces”.

I know not whether Dr. Tomaine will recover from his current fragile mental state. I also do not know what will become of Anna of Anna’s Antiquities as I am sure the authorities are dealing with her as a kidnapper and possible murderer. The dead monster apparently disappeared and I do not know the location of the creature.


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