Campaign of the Month: July 2017

The Miskatonic Society

Case File: Blue Skies

Report by Doctor Filian Graves


Filian Graves
Myrna Smead
Dr. Elise Agnesi de Bruyn
Ho Mi’Ghad


Grace Barstow asked us to deliver Scrolls and a case of mummies to Sir Clifton Willis (a ROSE expert on Sumerian Artifacts) in Charleston SC. In exchange for an Urn and some Tablets. At the same time we are also escorting two ROSE members Phillip Hartwick and John Burke via an “air yacht”. Amelia (Barrington) Belle also asked me personally to deliver a sealed envelope to Sir Willis. We were assured repeatedly that the Air Yacht was very safe way of travel.

Most of the trip was uneventful until Ho Mi’Ghad and Dr. Elise heard some chanting from the rear storage compartment. Fearing the worst, we went to investigate. Upon entry to the rear storage compartment we discover that an apparent ritual has taken place upon the mummy crate. We found writing in Chinese in blood upon the mummy crate and some sort of incense as well. We figure that someone has cut their hand or arm to create the ritual. We also found the crate with the scrolls has been opened as well. Ho Mi’Ghad and Dr. Elise go to the front to see if any of the crew members has been cut for the ritual. While Myrna looks through the scroll crate to see what she could glean from the documents, I decided to look through the steamer crates to see if someone was hiding in them. In hindsight this was not wise to do alone for there was someone hiding in them. They proceeded in no short order to knock me out. When I came to the little Asian man was gone.

During my brief unconsciousness, the man must have made their way on top of the plane. We hear gunshots and the Pilot begins to experience some shell shock and the plane dips madly this way and that. Dr. Elise and I try to talk the pilot down so we don’t crash. Meanwhile, the ritual must have been successful at raising the MUMMIES and they soon start reeking havoc with the plane and killing poor John Burke. If it were not for the quick thinking and casting of a spell by Myrna we would all be dead. Before the spell took place however, much damage was done to four of the six plane’s engines. I got into a fist fight with a magic wielding mummy and was nearly shriveled to death. Dr. Elise bravely took on the Mummies on the top of the plane with just my sword cane to fend them off (guns had little effect on the mummies and might have further damaged the plane). The mummies were forced to jump from the plane.

The plane makes a crash landing and we saved most of the passengers (except for poor John Burke who met a painful end at the poison spear point) and most of the crew. The co-pilot was lost pulled through the co-pilot hatch and the Engineer was lost due to the histrionics of the pilot. Hopefully he had the sense of operating his parachute and landed safely after being knocked off the plane.

I apologize for the distracted nature of my report but the experience was somewhat disturbing. Needless to say we took a bus home instead of flying. I may have to get on a plane in the future but for right now…I think I will keep to the ground transport.


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