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Arkham Gazette clipping - Thursday, February 19, 1920

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St Mary’s Teaching Hospital was the scene of a large influx of patients on the evening of February 17th and into the morning of February 18th. Four men were treated for both minor and serious wounds. One of the victims was reported with gunshot wounds, two had major electrical burns on their arms and bodies, and the other had unusual wounds and massive blood loss which required a dangerous blood transfusion procedure in order to stabilize his dire condition.

The gunshot victim, Doctor Filian Graves, a professor of Psychological Medicine at Miskatonic Univerity was kept overnight and released early the next morning. Erich Weiss was admitted with wounds of an unusual nature and is resting comfortably at St. Mary’s were he will stay for the next few days. Salah Haris, visiting on private business from the Middle East and Bogdan Petrovic, an immigrant from eastern Europe where both admitted with near life threatening burns to their arms and bodies early on the morning of the 18th. Petrovic was scheduled to be released over the weekend, while Haris’ stay will be quite a while longer.

Arkham Police will be questioning each of these victims to ascertain the origin of their various wounds and file any necessary charges on Friday morning. All of these men also happen to be associated with the Miskatonic Society. Grace Barstow, the Society’s spokeswoman, said the Society will be looking into these incidents and working closely with Arkham police to provide information that might lead to the apprehension of any possible assailants.

On a unrelated note, a man thought to be dressed in a priest’s habit was reported running down a street close to the Miskatonic River Tuesday evening, while shouting loud prayers. Police have dismissed the incident as a student prank and have turned matters over to University authorities for further investigation.


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