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The Miskatonic Society

Arkham Gazette clipping - Saturday, September 4, 1920

Courtesy of Worldwide Clipping Services


Professor J Belle Murdered, Wife Suspected

Arkham, MA – Miskatonic University Professor Josephus Edgar Belle was found dead last night by his wife, Amelia Barrington Belle at the Dewitt House on Garrison Street. Mrs Belle apparently left the scene just after calling Arkham Police. The Miskatonic Society also reported items missing from its vault, apparently checked out by Mrs. Belle before she left for parts unknown.
A visit to the Belle’s residence found that the door was left open, presumably by Mrs Belle. All evidence points to her sudden departure, making Mrs. Belle the prime suspect in her husband’s murder.
Police suspect that Professor Belle had been poisoned by an overdose of morphine. It is also suspected that Mrs. Belle may have had some outside help in her own disappearance.
This is a continuing investigation, and the Arkham Gazette will be the first to reveal further details of Professor Belle’s untimely demise.


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