Sarah Greene

Allison Escher


Sarah Green is in her mid thirties and a practicing parapsychologist. She is not particularly attractive, favoring sturdy professional clothes and hairstyle.


Sarah Greene is a practicing parapsychologist at the Arkham asylum. Her approach to treating patients is having them acknowledge what they’ve seen, and thus be able to move on.

When she was finishing graduate school her younger sister Jane was assaulted by “something”. Jane was engaged to be married, to a family with a higher social standing, and afterwards the engagement was broken off. She was ostracized by her family and friends, and was told that she was crazy. She eventually killed herself. After Jane’s death Sara looked back at the statements Jane made, and realized that maybe she wasn’t making it up. She asked herself would Jane still be alive if someone had said they believed her?

Afterwards Sarah decided she wanted to work with patients who have been victims of/witnessed occult events that have caused extreme emotional/mental trauma. Her goal in talking to them is to help them realize that just because something they can’t explain happened to them, doesn’t mean they are crazy or broken. She listens and encourages her patients to accept what happened and work on healing. When she comes across an interesting case she shares the information with the society (keeping patient confidentiality of course), should anyone want to investigate further.

Sarah Greene

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