Ludmila Firsov

Brooke Vickory


Petite lythe blonde, medium length hair and intense blue eyes.


Born last of 3 to a family of traveling acrobats, Ludmila spent much of her early life traveling with her family in the circus. At a young age she watched her mother, Anna, fall and land so close she heard the bones crack as they broke through the skin. Mother survived but could never perform in the family act again, Ludmila was so shaken by the incident she too would never climb the ladder again. Ludmila and Anna stayed with the show for several years, learning a Knife throwing and whip tricks act and fortune telling in the side show. Eventually my father, Alex, started sleeping with the woman that replaced my mother in the act, so we left the show completely to live with Anna’s sister, Sasha in Salem, Mass.

Aunt Sasha was a psychic medium was pretty good at it too. Ludmila loved to watch her work and soon became her assistant. She was fascinated by Aunt Sasha’s books of psychic phenomena and other mysteries. Most of the time, Aunt Sasha’s sessions were little tricks and lots of acting and reading people, but one time she saw something so haunting, she stopped mid session, told the customers to leave and even gave back their money! It was a week before she even considered another session, she never told Ludmila what she saw. Ludmila took it upon herself to find out everything she could about the paranormal and went to college to study parapsychology at Miskatonic University. She worked her way through college as an assistant/ partner to Aunt Sasha. After college she continued her studies by taking trips abroad to learn more of the paranormal and the occult.

Ludmila Firsov

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