Dr. Henry Armitage

Miskatonic University Librarian - Society Regent


Dr. Henry Armitage is most often seen around the Miskatonic University library in a old, almost worn-out tweed jacket and vest. Nevertheless, he is a very neatly groomed man who is very well comported despite his thread-bare looking jacket. If he goes to the Miskatonic Society for any reason, he simply replaces his threadbare jacket for a bit nicer tweed jacket.

He seldom spends a lot of time chatting with other people, even other professors. Armitage is a bit of an introvert and always has a book in hand.


Dr. Armitage is probably the most respected of the regents. He is usually found in the University’s library, only visiting the Dewitt House rarely and then under the request of the other regents or Grace Barstow. Armitage also represents the Society members who feel that anything mysterious needs to be collected, archived and studied for later. Armitage also believes that any items found should go to the University for safe-keeping, and speaks that opinion rather often.

Dr. Henry Armitage

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