Biff Flexington

Ryan Chenoweth


Biff is a dashing young man in his mid-20s. He is always dressed in clothes for any occasion, and they are always both tasteful and (most likely) expensive.

He stands about 5’8 with brown hair cropped short and brown eyes. He is wiry, but not overly so.


Biff was born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth to a well-connected and influential businessman and local politician. His father was incredibly well connected, and has made several generous offerings to Miskatonic University, from where Biff graduated. His grades were nothing of note; many tutors were bought to help Biff through his academic career, but at best he only passed his classes (some suspect that it may have to do with more than just tutors…).

Biff spends a great majority of his time searching for a new “thrill” in the world; big game hunting, racing cars, and travelling to exotic locales are his bread and butter (on his father’s credit, of course). Biff is not currently employed; instead, his travels around the world are his “job” and one he doesn’t even take remotely seriously. His latest thrill-seeking is through some local boys he has heard rumors of a “society” at the University; being an exclusive club, he has pulled a few strings with his father’s influence to be admitted entry.

Biff also spends a great deal of time “chasing skirt”. He is well-known in a list of many festivals (and no small number of speakeasies and the like) as incorrigible. Most people are equally attracted to him for his influence, as often as they are repulsed by his personality.

Biff truly carries himself as if he were “better” than most people; few people can live up to his expectations (expectations that, if examined closely, he himself would most likely fail). He considers people of less social status to be his lessers, and regularly treats them accordingly.

Biff Flexington

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