Ashton Hawthorne

Will Prescott


Born in New Hampshire, Aston is the black sheep descendent of the Nathaniel Hawthorne. While his family, whom forces the lineage on everyone they meet, attempt to keep the perceived value of the Hawthorne name high, Ashton tried to do everything to be his own man. His grandmother was his only supporter and since her passing in 1914, he has slowly walled off his family from his life.

Dorothy, his grandmother, was the one that spurred his imagination and the desire to know the mysterious and supernatural. She told him the stories that lurk in the history of a family as old as his and the stories of her own family. Even though he was accepted to Miskatonic University, he family insisted that he attend Bowdoin College. He took advantage of the idea of Liberal Arts and studied as many fields as he could, even eschewing any social interactions for pursuit of knowledge. The family hoped that he would carry on the tradition of writing, but as his first published works appeared in the new pulp magazines it was yet another failure in their eyes.

He moved to Arkham and the city proved to be a wealth of ideas for stories. His works were continually published and he was offered a collection publication from a New York publisher. The collection was well received and that was when he was contacted by the Miskatonic Society. A few of the stories he wrote based on local events rang eerily similar to the true events. Knowing that these stories were amalgamations of the esoteric research during college and the stories his grandmother told him as a child as well, the temptation to discover more about these eldritch ideas was over powering and he believes that his grandmother was preparing him for this moment.

Ashton Hawthorne

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