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The Miskatonic Society

The Temple of the Nigh and the Near

October 1922

A mysterious letter arrived at the Dewitt House. It reads:

Greeting Mrs. Barstow,

You may have noticed the peculiar weather events around the Virginia-Carolinian border. It could be a mere fluke, but with the events of last year, we can never be sure. I’m aware that members of the society have had some dealings with individuals associated with the new Elizabeth City College. I believe this will be a good place to start. My time here is limited and I’d consider it a great favor if you’d kindly send a member or two to aid me in my investigations.

P.S.: Be sure they bring an umbrella.



- Katherine “Kit” O’Reilly
- Richard Tracy (Craig T.)
- Rhys (John H)
- Alexis St. Claire
- Clyde (Aaron M.)


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