Campaign of the Month: July 2017

The Miskatonic Society

The Old Damned House

The Miskatonic Society has been hired by Rimant & Knowles insurance firm to investigate a case involving a rather eccentric family. They’re looking into the case of the Hazard family pearls, an expensive family heirloom insured through the firm. Mr. George Knowles has contacts with the Society, and he feels the family has a strange enough history that it would be prudent to hire them to investigate this particular case. He feels the family filed a false claim, and had contacted the police about this matter, only to be disappointed when they came up empty. He wants those pearls found. Can the investigators recover the pearls?


Duvessa O’Toole
Irina Grigoraevna Borova
Sarah Greene
Ann Slater
Sgt. Jackson Hayes


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