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The Miskatonic Society


December 1922

Members of the Society are awakened from their sleep by a telegraph boy. There’s been a break-in in the Miskatonic University Exhibit Museum’s Special Collections section and a few Society artifacts are now missing, including the Liber Arcanium journal recovered from Widdershins a few months prior. This journal held, among other things, the black rites performed by the Sons of the Fathers. You’re needed immediately at Dewitt House as Dr. Armitage puts together a team to look into the matter.


Follow Up News Clippings

The following morning, the below article takes up much of the front page of the Arkham paper, along with photos of the ruined Sanitarium. The photo is taken in such a way as to hide most of the ruined Eastern Wing.


A freak winter squall blew into the Massachusetts coast last night, causing untold damage to the harbor and the ships berthed there. Several docks were demolished and at least two freighters are no longer sea-worthy. Cargo is strewn about Miskatonic River and will likely wash ashore in the upcoming weeks. Citizens are asked to contact the Harbormaster if they see any such cargo and it will be retrieved.

The storm surge created a massive tidal wave down the river channel, slamming into Stormhaven island. The island’s namesake bluffs took most of the brunt, but a large portion of the Arkham Sanitarium was damaged. The Rotary Club and Daughters of the American Revolution will be accepting donations of medical and building supplies, as well as blankets and food, for delivery to the Sanitarium and patients. The Sanitarium is sad to announce the death of their administrator, Dr. Wilhelm Zeiler, who perished attempting to save a number of patients during the storm.

Arkham Advertiser, December 5th, 1922


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