Campaign of the Month: July 2017

The Miskatonic Society


Winter 1923

In recent months, efforts from the Miskatonic University’s expedition to Egypt have borne fruit. They’ve discovered a long lost tomb of a nearly forgotten Pharaoh and artifacts have arrived at the Exhibit Museum for study and display. There was a break-in last night and a guard found dead. Wild rumors of a mummy curse fill the front page of the Arkham Advertiser. The Society’s own P. E. Whyborne is a witness to the events, if still a bit shaken. Some artifacts are rumored missing. Investigate the break in and get to the bottom of this. Our companions in Egypt may be in grave danger!


Angie Tarantino
Sister Ann Slater
Irina Grigoraevna Borova
Brigitte Wolter


Keep keeping Lovecraft alive!


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