Campaign of the Month: July 2017

The Miskatonic Society

My Inner Demons by Myrna Smead

I have concluded that traveling to Iram is not good for me at all. Horrible things happen either there or on my journey there. It is hard not to believe that Death does not follow me there despite what my Therapist says. My latest voyage was not without it’s bright spots: Learning a long dead language belonging to ghoul herders, spending time with my friend Dr deBruyn, even debating lingual context with Professor Wyborn had it’s delights.
We learned a great deal about two of the Artifacts we were transporting. A watch that allows the bearer every 12 hours to be transported to a dire dimension. (I wonder if it’s even there now that the sacrifices have been gathered.) A silver whistle with the ability to summon ghouls. I am mightily glad it is smashed and unusable with a fervent hope that it stays that way.
The betrayal of Professor Logan wounds the Society deeply. Why do intelligent men and women faced with potential power invariably degrade into homicidal madness? Despite the veneer of an educational and exploratory society, this group is extremely dangerous. Caveat Scholar!
P.S. Must find out more about this Lighthouse that Logan mentioned……….


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