Campaign of the Month: July 2017

The Miskatonic Society

Feeling a Bit Knotty

An Excerpt From Myrna Smead's Journal

I have voluntarily checked myself into Arkham for a time. My last adventure in the cities of Argentina have proven too much of a strain on my already whimsical faculties. We learned a great deal about the demons down there..the Hungry Earth. There are more than one faction and they are at war with one another or at the very least not shy of sacrificing the other ones for their gain.
We still have custody of the calendar but I fear that we have lost a boon comrade in Santiago who could not take the agonies of what he had witnessed. We glimpsed him putting a bullet into his brain as we fled the tunnels.
I don’t think I will ever stop having nightmares about portals within portals. Watching another living creature being turning inside-out of itself is quite gruesome and terrifying. I can’t stop tying and untying knots in things. I do it till my hands cramp and it is most alarming, not to mention uncomfortable. My doctor here at Arkham worries about my delusions (even if all the adventures I have had are indeed true). Soon enough I will have to pretend once again that all these things are just the flights of fancy of a highly nervous young woman.
I wonder what kind of pudding we have having with supper……


Orderly Jenkin: It’s butterscotch pudding.
Feeling a Bit Knotty
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