Campaign of the Month: July 2017

The Miskatonic Society

Earth Sky Soul

January 1923

Dunwich has always been a strange place. On this cold February morning, Professors Graves and Nolan, along with members of the Miskatonic Society, meet with Fred Farr, a local farmer and a well-regarded member of the Dunwich community.

Farr related to everyone that community newcomer and his neighbor, Ethan Arkin, found some unusual ‘things’ near his family’s house, and promised to come over to his house and show him. Arkin never arrived. When Farr decided to pay a visit, he found that the house had an unusual quality to it, something like a moss had grown all over it. He had heard rumors that Miskatonic University had some interest in weird mysteries, so he called a former professor of his young cousin, who put him in touch with Graves.

Farr’s tale was unusual enough for the professors to put word out to the Miskatonic Society to help come to the bottom of Arkin’s disappearance, and see about this house with ‘unusual qualities.’



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