Artifact 1921-0001

Banishing Stone

Banishing Stone — Altered Artifacts Form


The events of the lighthouse greatly altered Artifact 1921-0001. The pocket-watch exterior has melted away and I suspect it no longer has any ability transport one to the lair of Mordiggian. It does possess considerable power and was instrumental in banishing the Guardian.

—P.E. Whyborne, The Old Man and the Sea

The size is about the same size, the weight is heavier, think of a solid stone as opposed to the watch. There was a light that was present while the guardian creature was there, but after it was banished the light dimmed to a very faint glow, color is unnatural, described as an opaline shimmer.

Ingersoll Pocket Watch — Artifacts Initial Form


All attempts to perceive the recalibration have failed and lead to memory loss save for a shared nightmare or vision. By all accounts the dream is of a place filled with dark corridors partially lit by blackish purple light. It has also been reported that canine sounds along with quiet shuffling can be heard coming from the darkness.

—Excerpt from 0001-1921 Case Files.

An exceptionally craft timepieces made by Ingersoll. The primary dial has hands for both hour and minute, and a second smaller dial with a single hand for the tracking of seconds is located at six o’clock on the piece’s primary dial.

The pocket watch has an oddity that no matter what time is initially set, no matter the significance of the deviation, the watch precisely calibrate itself to twelve o’clock PM Greenwich Mean Time.

Artifact 1921-0001

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