Dr. Elise Agnesi de Bruyn

Shan Marisol


Dr. Elise is a small woman in her late 20’s with an olive complexion and long dark hair usually worn in a braid or bun, dressed simply and practically for ease of motion and medical work. A childhood of sneaking into forbidden areas of Arkham with her friends has made her proficient in crawling through tunnels and shimmying up gutters. She is proud of her family and background but is also anxious to represent them in the best possible light to the more sophisticated Society members. This leads to a certain amount of diffidence and awkwardness on her part, as she takes great pains to speak properly and act appropriately, even when she’s not entirely sure what would be proper or appropriate at the time. Her sense of humor, though macabre at times, helps her through most difficult situations, and she has a genuine fondness and curiosity about people. She is comfortable performing surgeries and autopsies; known to always have a knife or scalpel on hand, she has no qualms about defending herself or others but prefers to use her skills for healing and scientific inquiry.


Dr. Elise Agnesi de Bruyn – often called Dr. Elise or “La Dottoressa” by her patients – is from an impoverished but loving Italian-German family and a born native to Arkham. Her passion for medicine was kindled after surviving the city’s 1905 typhus outbreak while witnesses the devastation of the epidemic firsthand. Encouraged and financially supported relatives and neighbors, she is one of the few women to have received a degree from Miskatonic University’s Medical School, and has spent the past several years as a licensed doctor dedicated to treating the inhabitants of Arkham’s less desirable areas and paying back as much of her debt to the community as possible. Because of this, her boarding house room and doctor’s office are rather threadbare and her wardrobe is spartan. Her current work in the darker corners of the city began to turn up disturbing incidents and signs hinting of terrifying possibilities, several of them recalling fearfully whispered local rumors of her childhood that seem to have much more significance than she ever would have thought, and this ultimately convinced her to brave the Miskatonic Society in search of answers.

Dr. Elise Agnesi de Bruyn

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