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Water, Water, Everywhere: Open Case File NE-98-776

Case file from events in 1902

Armitagesm.jpg I know it’s not much, but it’s obvious at this point that something is going on. Perhaps you can find some leads here. I’ll explain more at our meeting on Friday.

Miskatonic Case File NE-98-776
The community of Pleasant Valley, Nebraska was settled in the mid 1860s by a small group (no more than 100, including children) of people lead by the Reverend Joseph Brown, a charismatic man of the cloth, who had bought his followers to the area after a vision that the valley was in fact, the promised land. Not much is known about the community, it was fairly self sufficient, and produced a good variety of crops that would be sold at the local markets around the area.

The Reverend passed away in the spring of 1900, leaving his legacy and congregation in the care of his only son, Michael Brown. Some families left the community at this time. There appears to be no ill will, but they felt that the younger Brown was not up to the task of leading them. There remained approximately 54 people (families with children).

The official Post Office in Pleasant Valley closed later that same year, and all mail was delivered to the nearby town of Dodge and picked up weekly. After a full month with no pick up, the postmaster and a few locals headed out to Pleasant Valley to discover it deserted. Belongings were left behind as if everyone simply vanished from whatever they had been doing.

Upon investigation, there was no apparent evidence of foul play. Things in the houses were left in order, nothing appears to have been searched or moved. In some cases, meals were sitting out on the tables. Without any proof or hint of supernatural tampering, it would appear that people just left. There were several family bibles with detailed genealogy which helped determine the possible numbers of townspeople that were here.

There was one incident while the investigation was in progress. A man, in his late 30s perhaps, was found roaming the outskirts of the settlement. His hair was pure white and his clothes were worn and dirty. He was unable to communicate, and reacted fearfully upon seeing us. Miss Maury was able to calm him enough to examine him for any physical ailment. He appeared to be suffering from dehydration, and exposure to the elements. It also became quite apparent that his mind had become completely overwhelmed by whatever he had seen out here.

Arrangements have been made to put him in the care of doctors at the hospital in Dodge, with the hope that he may recover enough to share what he knows.

Note from Miss Maury: April, 1908 have been in monthly contact with the doctors in Dodge. The patient remains unresponsive. He will allow himself to be fed by attending nurses, but is still in a semi catatonic, non verbal state.

Note from Dr. Armitage: October, 1915 Still no change in patient x, the doctors at the facility have added the Society as a contact in his file in case there are any changes to his condition.


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