Campaign of the Month: July 2017

The Miskatonic Society

To Be or Knot To Be

An Excerpt From Myrna Smead's Journal

My recent journey to Argentina was very adventurous. I was in good company with a few members I was already acquainted with and a few I had yet to get to know. I must reluctantly admit that I have not the physique for long overland hikes. The jungle heat and humidity took a bit of a toll on me and I lagged behind often much to our guides dismay.
(Personal note: Learning a new language is much harder when one is doing it from a book. I am fairly certain that I was butchering several of my pronunciations)
We nearly arrived at the village that was our destination arguing about what we wanted to do first when we noticed that the former villagers were marching through the woods around us. We made all haste toward the village proper. Upon seeing the reanimated remains of the locals I momentarily lost control of my faculties and started shouting in what little Spanish I had learned. Which attracted the unfortunate attentions of the undead, who lurched toward us menacingly. We tried to flee but a few of our company where caught. I attempted to fight them off.
(Personal Note: I have no idea why I attempt to brawl with anything that I encounter in my explorations with the Society. I am a Scholar, not a Pugilist)
Alas, the good Sister Alice fell victim to friendly fire. I know that Obediah Mather must have been sickened to the very quick of his soul at that unfortunate accident. We were finally able to gain the Supervisors cabin and bust our way in. Inside where several items of interest but my instinct told me that they were not the source of the problem. In a locked drawer that we were able to jimmy open was the knotted calendar that they had recovered from the mines. I looked it over carefully, analyzing the patterns tied into it when I discovered the solution to our dilemma…at least I hoped it was. With a quick prayer to Sister Alice for guidance I untied a single solitary knot in a blue strand. The creatures howled outside as they faded away from our plane of existence. Much to my relief I was correct.
Afterwards we took the time to explore some of the ruins that were in the mines. I got some good rubbings of some of the idols and carvings on the walls. Our journey back to the Society was made somber by bringing back the body of yet another member. Her sacrifice will never be forgotten


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