Campaign of the Month: July 2017

The Miskatonic Society

Ms. Smead is a Genius!

An Excerpt From P.E. Whyborne's Journal


Ms. Smead stopped by the Museum this afternoon to discuss this strange business with the purple-robed cultists, stolen bodies, and Mordiggian. She presented the theory that Mordiggian’s cult might use these bodies as a way to build power for some dark ritual. This was an interesting angle I hadn’t considered. Personally, I thought that perhaps the bodies were fuel for some long sustained thing; some black engine that toils through the ages.

Myrna’s theory is that the cultists are building for some event, needing to reach threshold. I initially scoffed at this, saying surely the culmination of such an event would leave a mark in history. She is clever and already considered this – what if the records were lost on their success? What if the event were so terrible it caused a civilization to collapse? The Dark Ages!

It suddenly made sense – so few people would waste the energy logging the final collapse of society, even less would survive the aftermath. But some texts do exist from final days of the Roman Empire, perhaps these will shed light on the very events happening now. I intend to check the Arabic texts at the University and telegraph a friend at Boston College. I believe they have a collection of diaries recovered from Greece that may prove useful. I can also check the texts near the failure of other societies, such as the Egyptians, and see if there is any mentioning of these purple-robed horrors. It will likely take me away from any other Society duties, but I am certain it is worthwhile

I feel we might finally have a trail beneath our feet!



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