Campaign of the Month: July 2017

The Miskatonic Society

Why Harold got a New Job, Case of Death and Changes

Submitted by Harold Mayfield

Mission report: New York City Fiasco

Our group chased the Key to New York City. We started investigating at the Docks and talked to the dock master. He was reluctant to provide the information we needed, but eventually Eric von what’s-his-name was able to convince him to give up the files. This allowed us to surveil a specific section o f the docks. While Dr. Elise worked at the docks I set up overwatch and saw suspicious individuals entering the suspected ship.

While we were doing this, other people investigated the hotels that they had heard about from rumors of suspicious individuals throwing around money. We met by the boat and figured that from our options, sneaking about a crowded hotel or sneakin onto a suspicious ship. Since we were there and it seemed quiet, we cthe boat first. I snuck onboard and found the navigation room. It was locked. The magician could eventually unlock it. I’m sure.

I waved him to come aboard. Eric and Wyborne tried to sneak aboard and apparently even an egghead academic can sneak better than a flashy stageman. The cultist saw him and was about to shout alarm. I took him out just as another 3 cultist rounded the corner and started rushing to the boat. As people came up from the boat we started to get swarmed by cultist. As I cleared an exit route, Eric defended himself.

Then Nightgaunts showed up. Carrying a ship on their shoulders. As cultists came at us and died, one of them pulled out a spell. Wyborne swiped it and read the spell first. Wyborne, Eric and I were all moved to the enchanted forest. Last we saw Dr. Elise before we disappeared, she was running for the city.

We reentered the word back in Nebraska. Wyborn and Eric went straight to Arkham, but I headed to New York City. I picked up our items and checked out from the hotel. I grabbed my hidden bags from the docks. But the whole time I saw no sign of Dr. Elise. hoping she was back in Arkham I headed that way. She was not there either.

Was she kidnapped by the cultists? Has she been put in an asylum in New York? She appears to have disappeared from the face of the Earth. This is the first time I have lost one of my charges of a mission. Sister Alice died in Argentina, but that was caused by another Society member and was a simple accidental shooting. Nothing I could protect her from. But Dr. Elise? Could I have saved her? If I hadn’t waved Eric von not-quiet onto the ship… If I had been able to pick that lock myself… would she still be with us? Maybe, maybe not… I can’t tell what would have happened. But I can guess at what might happened. I could have picked the lock, swiped their charts, and given the others the information needed. It could have gone differently. Everyone could have made it home, if I could have done something as simple as getting past a lock.

So I applied to Arkham Locksmithing as an apprentice. I was accepted today and now I’ve started learning. Hopefully no one will disappear again because I can’t get past a door.


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