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Boston Post clipping - Thursday, July 21, 1921

Courtesy of Worldwide Clipping Service


Family Feud Turned War Rages in southwest Virgina

Roanoke, VA – The small town of Grundy, Virginia woke up to the sounds of gun fire and shouting coming from the nearby mountains as a small war between two mountain families raged unchecked for close to a week. Sheriff Roy Wilkins said he tried all ideas at his disposal, including engaging the services of an out-of-state organization to help investigate the problems. Wilkins said the involvement of the organization “may have been the match that lit the powder keg” between the two families.
At his wits end, Wilkins appealed to Gov. Westmoreland Davis to send help. Gov Davis has dispatched the Virginia National Guard to assist Wilkins. When asked about the outside organization, Wilkins responded that they “left some important stones unturned”. Funerals for Theodore (Papaw) Bingham and Cordelia Burke, two victims apart from the feuding families where conducted recently. Wilkins thinks there are more dead, but has not been able to travel up to the embattled communities, although he said that the death of Lily Croon sparked the recent bloodshed.


Feared for Papaw and Memaw.

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